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Get Professional Help Fast For A Home Lockout

There are few experiences you can endure that may frighten you more than not being able to get into your own home. You come back after a long day of work or running errands and try to find your keys, but they are nowhere. Perhaps they fell out of your pocket or purse earlier in the day, or you left them at work.

Now you are not sure what to do. A home lockout is no joke, as you have no way of getting into your house. You are probably thinking about breaking a window towards the side and trying to get inside that way. While it is a last resort, it is not what you should do right away.

The best method to resolving a home lockout situation is to call a locksmith. You can count on Bar’s Locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA to help you during a home lockout. We offer emergency service to any residential client in the Pittsburgh area.

How to Handle a Home Lockout

If you are hopeful of resolving a lockout without too much stress, it is best to remain calm. Panicking is only going to lead to bad decisions, which will mean you have to go through more complications before you can relax and get back to your usual routine.

A home lockout is scary and not enjoyable, but it will be over soon enough. All you need to do is get in touch with the best locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA – Bar’s Locksmith. We will get to your location fast, depending on the traffic and whether any of our locksmiths were busy with other clients.

One great aspect of our service is that we can create a home key for you on the spot. Other locksmiths may have to remove your lock and take it to their shop, where they create a key that can fit into the lock. We do not resolve a home lockout in that way, as we believe it takes too long.

We have the relevant equipment and materials in our vans. That allows our locksmiths to travel around the city, assisting clients at their homes and businesses. So if you are experiencing a home lockout, know that we will resolve it swiftly.

Preventing Future Lockouts

Even if you can call the best locksmith in the area to resolve a home lockout, it does not mean you want this to happen every week. It is a stressful experience and one that may have added an extra hour of tension to your day. Some tips that will help you avoid future lockouts are:

  • Create spare keys & leave them with close friends, family & neighbors.
  • Never lock your house from the inside. Always use the keys to lock the door.
  • Check for your keys before you leave work.
  • Keep your keys in a secure spot within your purse, bag or pocket.

Home Key Services

Handling an emergency lockout is not pleasant. Our locksmiths will do everything to make the experience a better one for you and your family. You can trust we will resolve the home lockout quickly and without damaging your lock.

The question you may be asking is whether you will need to get a new lock, in case the key you lost falls into the wrong hands. It is a great question, as you do not want a random person to have access to your home. Our locksmith can also help in this regard.

We have two options for clients who want to ensure an old key cannot be used to open their front door:

  • Replacing the lock
  • Rekeying

Lock Replacements

Our locksmiths are experienced professionals that will have no problem replacing the lock on your front door. We can show you a catalogue of the various locks we have for sale, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

The lock replacement process should not take more than an hour, and there will be no damage to your door or the older lock. You can even sell it if you no longer have use for it.

Lock Rekeying

The other option, which can save you a lot of money, is lock rekeying. It is a process that our locksmith will use after a home lockout to ensure any older keys do not work with your lock. We rekey the existing lock, which means the structure of its key hole changes entirely.

The result is that any old key will not work, while the new keys we give you will be a perfect match for the lock. Even if someone stole your key or picked it up after you dropped it – they will not have any way of using that key to get inside your home.

Trust our home lockout experts to help you during a home lockout and to successfully duplicate or rekey your lock as well.

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