Bar's Locksmith

At Bar’s Locksmith, we have over a decade in business and experience as your locksmith Pittsburgh. Our reliable team is always working to be the best at our craft, which is why we are universally trusted throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. Every time we send a dependable locksmith to your location, they’ll come with a fully loaded van that has all of our tools of the trade so that we can take care of you right then and there. The next time you need key, lock, or security assistance within a fast response timeframe, we’ve got your back!


What Sorts of Locksmith Services Do You Offer in Pittsburgh, PA?

We take being your local locksmith seriously. Because of that, we provide auto, commercial, and residential locksmith services. We also know that everyone needs a locksmith in Pittsburgh for emergency situations, so we always have someone on call and ready to assist you. Just call your locksmith Pittsburgh and we can take care of things like broken locks, lost keys, jammed doors, and a variety of other problems that may come up. That way, you can know that your home, office, or vehicle is secure and that you can go about your day.

A Local Locksmith that You Can Depend On

Above all else, if you want a local locksmith nearby that you can depend on, then we’re your local locksmith. Not everyone can find a locksmith near me that is as dependable, up-to-date, and skilled as our team. That is why we pride ourselves in being the best locksmith Pittsburgh in the area. No matter what type of locksmith service that you may be looking for, we will assist you with it. Our number is available, and we’re here to serve you, the customer, with the latest technologies and techniques for locks, keys, windows, and doors.

Business Hours:

Mon – Sun: 6:00 am – 12:00 am