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With over a decade in business, we are the area’s choice for an honest and dependable locksmith. We are known for our expertise as a residential locksmith Pittsburgh and we work with homeowners and renters so that they can keep their homes secure. Our reliable team members always arrive fast for emergency calls, and they show up with a fully loaded van. This allows us to have the tools we need on hand, which helps us to get the job done more quickly and prevents us from wasting time driving back and forth from your home.


What Do Our Residential Locksmith Services Include in Pittsburgh, PA?

Our Pittsburgh, PA residential locksmith services include any lock, key, or security question that you may have regarding your home. We take care of any and all residential door locks and window locks, helping you to have peace of mind about your home security. Our locksmith residential in Pittsburgh can answer any questions, sort out a home lockout situation, or take care of repairs quickly and professionally. And, if you want to make changes, your locksmith residential can help you to find the right options and install them. Your family is our family, and we are here to help you keep your family and home safe.

Our Locksmith Residential Services Include Repairs

As time goes on, your locks just can’t stand up to regular use like they could in the past. So, our locksmith near me residential can take a look and see what changes you may need to make. Whether you need repairs, replacements, or re-keying, our Pittsburgh locksmith can give you advice and help you to decide what may be best for your situation. If you want to talk to a residential locksmith about your options, we can help you to figure out the details and sort out how you want to keep your home security in top shape.

Home Lockouts Are Simple for Our Team

Our residential locksmith Pittsburgh has been taking care of home lockout situations for years. If you have lost your keys, we can get there and unlock the door for you. If the lock is broken or jammed, we can get you into your home and install hardware so that you don’t have that problem again. All of our home locksmith services are available all day, every day. So, even if the problem is in the middle of the night, you can call our emergency number and we’ll get someone to your home to let you back in as soon as we can!

Need New Residential Door Locks?

Sometimes, we find that we just need to replace our residential door locks instead of fixing them all of the time. Our residential locksmith can come and inspect everything and give you advice. They can even repair hardware, rekey your locks, or make changes or repairs to anything related to keys, locks, and home security!

Residential FAQ

Deadbolts are usable on pretty much any door that you can find, with a few exceptions. The material doesn’t usually make a difference, but a locksmith will charge more to install a deadbolt in a metal door than in a wooden or fiberglass door. The main restriction is how the door opens. If the door is a sliding door, it may not be compatible with a deadbolt lock. If the door is one that opens on hinges on one side, then a locksmith should have no problem installing a deadbolt on it. Talk with your local locksmith and they’ll inspect the doors you’re considering to let you know if it will work. 
While a deadbolt can be effective on its own, it actually works best in tandem with another type of lock – whether that’s a smart lock, a lock in the door handle, or some other alternative. This is because the deadbolt will likely be on the top half of your door. The other lock will be below that. The two locks, in tandem, will help to maintain the integrity of the door, even if someone tries to get in through the part of the door that is furthest from the deadbolt. Not only that, but if one of the locks fails, the other one can pick up the slack and keep your home protected. 
The main difference between a latch and a deadbolt is the mechanism utilized for locking. A latch uses a spring in the locking mechanism – it has a bolt, but you can see the bolt and where it locks into the strike plate (which is on the door, rather than inside of it). Deadbolts, on the other hand, are thicker and use heavier types of metal. They go inside of the door frame and hold the entire door secure with its mechanism. Deadbolts use turn knobs, keys, or automated motors in order to lock into place (but never, ever spring mechanisms). 
When you search for deadbolts, you’ll probably be inundated with a number of brand names that you may be looking to choose from. These come in all styles and types. Your local locksmith is always your best resource when it comes to choosing between different sorts of locks that you want to install on your doors. They know your neighborhood, they know you, and they know how to keep your family secure. Talk with them and they’ll help you to sort out which option is going to be best for your needs and your budget. 
It depends on the cylinders that you are rekeying. Some of the cylinder locks that you’ll be dealing with are more complex than others, and may need some more work in order to ensure that the lock is rekeyed properly. But, most times, the charge will be very affordable – you’ll probably have enough to cover it in your pocket. 
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