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Do you want to find a reliable and honest car locksmith Pittsburgh? With over a decade in business, we are the auto locksmith in Pittsburgh that more people turn to when they need help with any of their car locksmith needs. Our dependable professionals are all trained in all sorts of vehicle lock and key needs, and they show up to every job with a fully loaded van. We have a 20 minute response for the majority of our jobs and we always work to be the best we can for our customers. If you need a locksmith you can depend on for your car, we’re your best option!

Which Auto Locksmith Services Do You Offer for Residents in Pittsburgh, PA?

Our auto locksmith services in Pittsburgh are all inclusive – we have made it a priority to provide the absolute best services for every car owner in our region. We don’t just make replacement car keys – we have a key maker that even copies a transponder key with no problems. If you have an ignition key that’s snapped in the ignition, we can get it out without breaking anything. We can do any lock or key job on any vehicle, which makes it that much easier on you and everything that you want or need to accomplish. We can answer your questions, help you with upgrades, and make changes to your locks, as well. Our locksmith Pittsburgh has all the tools and expertise necessary to help with any vehicle lock or key – all you need to do is call us and we’ll get someone out to you as soon as possible.

Get Your Transponder Key Copied By Our Key Maker

Instead of spending an arm and a leg to get a new key fob, come to our key maker to get things taken care of right. As your car locksmith Pittsburgh, PA, we have committed ourselves to always having the latest and greatest technology in key copying. So, even though a transponder key can be difficult, you can always come to your Pittsburgh auto locksmith and we will have the right tools to take care of everything. Contact us or come on in and we’ll make sure that you’re able to get a new set of keys that work just as well as the original.

Come In For Replacement Car Keys

Replacement car keys are easy with your Pittsburgh locksmith. We can copy vehicle keys, even if you don’t have the original. All we need to do is make a mold for you. So, the next time you need replacement car keys, come in or give us a call and we’ll get it done.

Broken Ignition Key Removal

Your ignition key snapped in your door or ignition and you’re not sure how to take care of it? Our auto locksmith Pittsburgh, PA can assist you. We’ll come to your location (at any time of day or night) and we’ll get the ignition key out and get you back on the road again.

Automotive FAQ
There are a few types of keys available when it’s time to replace lost, broken, or damaged car keys. Aftermarket replacement car keys are keys that are blank and have not been programmed to work on any model or make of vehicle. These keys are not made by the original vehicle manufacturer like traditional car keys and usually are a lower quality. However, this is not always true and choosing a quality provider to make the key, if you opt to use an aftermarket, will reduce the risks of getting a poor key.
If you lost your car keys and now need a new set as result, you’re probably wondering how to prevent losing your replacement car keys. It’s not difficult to keep up with your car keys when they’re on a keychain alongside other important keys. It’s also ideal to have a secondary key available for emergencies. Consider a key rack for the home as well. Place the rack by the front door or other convenient location when you walk inside to minimize risks of losing your keys. Keep these tips in mind and hopefully, you won’t need to replace your key again anytime soon.
Should an aftermarket key be purchased when you need a key? Aftermarket replacement car keys are risky to use and require far more care than an ordinary key. Aftermarket keys are usually less durable than an original key and they’re more likely to break off in the ignition or malfunction in some other way. Although original keys cost more to replace, it’s best to use them. These keys offer the long-lasting use that you want.
Keys for the car can be expensive when it's time to replace them. Do you get any protection? Most often, when you buy a key for a vehicle it includes some type of warranty or guarantee. The length of time the warranty lasts varies, but most include at least two- or three-months’ protection. If you want a warranty, make sure to search for a replacement car keys provider who gives you a warranty with the key purchase. In a lockout situation when replacement keys are required, be sure to ask about a warranty.
A car lockout is a frustrating, yet common experience that occurs when the car keys are locked in the car or otherwise lost or misplaced, preventing access to the vehicle. The first step is to double check that all the doors are really locked. Next, if you have an older car, a hanger or shoelace might work to hook the post lock and pull it up. But, the easiest and safest way to get back in is to call a locksmith. Most shops have emergency services and can handle any make or model vehicle. They’ll even make a key if you need a replacement.