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Our Locksmith Are Ready to Install Residential Door Locks

Residential door locks provide a high level of security for your home and commercial. With plenty to choose from, you will find something that suits your needs.

Do you often work? Travel a lot? If so, you need to consider getting some door locks installed around your home to keep it safe from prying eyes when you are out and about.

Home security can be installed by a trusted company that will ensure you get the right protection for your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Door Locks?

When you are looking to buy new door locks, it is important to buy the right one for what you need. There are many different types of things you will need to consider for each one. Here are the popular ones:


Bar’s Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA, supply many styles of padlocks for all needs. A padlock is a type of lock that is not permanently installed to something. There are many different types and sizes, from portable to freestanding, and many more. There are two types of padlocks that are keyed and combination. The combinations door locks will require you to enter a code with the number dials, which will open the lock if you enter the code correctly.

Keyed padlocks have different options like re-keyable and non-re-keyable ones. A non-rekeyable padlock means that you cannot change the key as such and have it the same as other locks around your home. The key-retaining locks don’t allow you to remove the key when the padlock is opened. If you are considering a residential door locks like these, then ensure that you get one that cannot be cut with bolt cutters or with a saw.


The deadbolts are installed on your large solid external door. There are three varieties here from the single, double, and the lockable thumb turn. The single is common on American homes, which happens to use a key cylinder over the outside, and the thumb turn goes on the inside to either open or shut the lock. The double cylinder uses a type of key cylinder on the outside and also the inside. The third type of deadbolt lock is a mix from a single and the double deadbolt, which is called a lockable thumb turn. You can lock the deadbolt, and even if somebody has access to the lock, they cannot unlock it from inside or the outside without the key.

The Handle Locks

Knob locks are another great option for residential door locks. They can be used alongside the deadbolts and are used as a primary source of security on a wire security door. Knob locks offer low security, so they should not be used on an external door. The problem is that the lock cylinder is located in the doorknob itself and not within the door. These can be simply broken with a hammer or using a wrench or cylinder.

Are you stuck in a security problem? The professional locksmiths at Bar’s Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA, are ready to help. Timing is never convenient when it comes to residential door locks and the troubles that can occur. There is a wide range of locksmith services that are ready to help you right when you need it. Talk to the team today!

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