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Opening an Old Safe Without a Combination

Did you find an old safe? Maybe you found it during a treasure hunt, or maybe it was something you inherited from a grandparent.Since you don’t have the keys or combination, it will definitely be quite the task to get it open. Some people get too eager and resort to breaking it open. However, safes are not that easy to break open because they are meant to secure any item by being strong and resistant to breaking. As a result, opening an old safe may necessitate contacting a professional.

Bar’s Locksmith is a professional company in Pittsburgh, PA, that has specialists who can unlock safe. Considering how safes are made of steel and concrete, it can be difficult to break them open. So, if you want to get that safe opened without any trouble, reach out to us. It doesn’t matter the complexity of the lock; our technicians can crack it open without trouble.

Methods of Opening a Safe Lock

There are two methods that can be applied to open a safe lock. They include:

  • Entering a known combination
  • Cutting through the safe

Entering a known combination simply means you enter a combination to unlock the safe. Opening an old safe with this method is the easiest. However, sometimes knowing the combination doesn’t mean the safe will open. After all, it is an old safe, and you may just need to try again. If that fails, you can try the second method.

Cutting through a safe is a destructive method and is often used if you don’t mind damaging the safe. To cut through the safe, you will need a cut-off saw and a metal cutting blade. You will then screw the metal-cutting blade on to the cut-off saw; make sure they are properly aligned or the blade won’t cut through effectively. Be careful to wear protective gear to avoid injuries.

However, if you don’t have the combination to the safe lock and don’t want the safe damaged, then your only option would be to contact a locksmith. Opening an old safe is nothing for a locksmith who knows their job well. They don’t need the combination, nor do they need to cut through the safe. They have special skills that allow them to open a safe without damaging it. Bar’s Locksmith might just be the best option for you in Pittsburgh, PA. Call us now!

Commercial Safe Opening Service – Trusted and Reliable Service!

We all know that commercial safes are different from the safes that you keep in your homes. This is because more is required when it comes to these types of safes. Hence, they have more complex locking mechanisms, are often built to withstand fire, and often can’t be simply cut through. So, if you’ve got a situation with your safe and don’t know how to go about opening a safe lock, our professionals are available to help.

At Bar’s Locksmith, opening an old safe for business is not a problem for us. Our expertise spans open types of safe locks, irrespective of their complexities. You don’t have to keep trying that combination; we can be at your location within minutes to crack that safe open. What’s more? We are a trusted establishment, so you have nothing to worry about with us. Put a call through to us now for that opening of an old safe service.

Emergency Safe Opening Service in Pittsburgh, PA

Do you need something from your safe but can’t seem to open it even with the correct combination? Perhaps yours even has a key, but the key won’t work either. Well, there is always a solution, and you only need to reach out to the right people. In your case, you’d have to reach out to Bar’s Locksmith.

Our company offers legitimate means of cracking your safe without having to damage it. It doesn’t matter how complex the lock may be; we have reputable and certified locksmiths for the job. We can save you time and money. Besides, when it comes to your safety, you need someone you can trust. Call us now!

Affordable Safe Locksmith Services – Competitive Rates You Can Trust!

When it comes to hiring our services, we know you will be concerned about how much it will cost you. But this doesn’t have to be an issue, as we offer affordable services that won’t put a strain on your pocket. Aside from that, affordable doesn’t mean lesser quality; we work with the best and state-of-the-art equipment for the best results. Feel free to contact us, we are always available to assist you.

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