Save Money On Ignition Key Replacements In Pittsburgh

Most people assume that an ignition key does not cost a lot of money to replace, but the truth is these keys are rather expensive. A lot of technology goes into modern car keys, even the ones that look like a regular key. It is why finding the best locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA to help you with ignition key cutting can be so helpful.

High Cost of Key Replacements

It is not very difficult to lose a car key. Perhaps it gets lost inside a coat pocket and then falls out when you are not paying attention. Maybe it gets deep into a couch cushion and is not retrieved until many months later. In these situations, you would need to get a spare key if you want to be able to drive your car promptly.

The best way to maintain access to your vehicle is to have at least one if not two, spare keys in your home. That way you can easily access those keys should you misplace the one that you were using. But these are not the kinds of keys you can cut yourself or by using a vending machine. It requires the assistance of a professional Pittsburgh, PA locksmith.

The reason why these key replacements are expensive is that an ignition key is not only a key. But also includes a computer chip. That chip is present because it provides a unique code to the computer system within your car. Which enables the car to start when the key is twisted in the ignition.

It would not be possible to start your car with a key that is not programmed to be used with that vehicle. That adds a layer of security to your vehicle. But also means replacing or duplicating the ignition key is a complex process.

Locksmith Services

Bar’s Locksmith is the best provider of locksmith services in the Pittsburgh area. We have years of experience and have assisted clients with car keys for their Honda, Toyota, GMC and Chevrolet vehicles, along with many other makes and models.

Our range of locksmith services includes:

  • Ignition key cutting
  • Transponder key & key fob programming
  • Key duplication
  • Ignition repairs
  • Stuck key retrieval
  • Emergency lockout assistance

We pride ourselves on delivering a stellar service at an affordable rate. When you need your car key replaced or duplicated, you can trust we will do the job promptly, correctly and without overcharging you for the privilege.

Prompt Key Duplication

At Bar’s Locksmith, we understand you do not have all the time in the world to wait for us to create a duplicate or replacement key. It is why we work very efficiently on each key cutting job. You can trust our locksmiths will do the job within one or two hours. And allowing you to get back to your routine.

We offer a mobile service, which means that you can get your ignition key repaired or replaced on the go. It does not require a trip back to our shop, as our professionals have the relevant tools in the field to do the job.

If you ever have to get your car key replaced or duplicated in a hurry, you know that calling Bar’s Locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA is the best course of action. Duplication can be very helpful as it allows you to keep multiple spare keys at home. If you are sharing your vehicle with other family members, you can give one ignition key to each person.

Emergency Assistance

It is never a good feeling when you lose your ignition key as soon as you need to drive the car. Perhaps you need to get to work and now you are getting late. Within the moment, it may be helpful to get an Uber or taxi so you are not missing work. As soon as you are free, it would be wise to call a locksmith.

We offer emergency ignition key replacement and duplication services. If you are stranded on the road and your key is stuck in the ignition, we can help. Those who need us to quickly create a replacement key, as theirs is lost, have come to the right place. There is no auto key job we cannot handle.

Whether you have a Buick, Mazda or Subaru, we have experience with the creation of keys for all models. We ensure that your ignition key is created perfectly, which means it will work flawlessly with your vehicle for years to come. It is as good as the key you got when you bought the car.

Losing your car key or getting it stuck in the ignition is not pleasant. Luckily, you can count on our top quality locksmith in Pittsburgh to help you if you are having such a problem.

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