Dealing With A House Lockout Bar's Locksmith Pittsburgh PA

Dealing With A House Lockout

We at Bar’s When you hear a story about a friend or family member getting locked out of their house or apartment, you probably laughed at the absurdity of everything. You could not imagine someone losing their keys when they went to work or to run errands. But it is not so funny when the same situation happens to you.

A house lockout is not a laughing matter, as you have no way of accessing your home or apartment. You are stuck outside and it can feel very scary and unnerving. You may be panicking and wondering how you can resolve such an issue.

Calling a House Locksmith

The first thing to know is that when you have a house lockout, your first call should be a locksmith. If you are in Pittsburgh, PA, you can trust Bar’s Locksmith to do the job flawlessly. We will ensure you are back inside your house within the hour, and we will do so without causing any damage to your lock.

A locksmith has the experience that no one else can boast with regards to locks and keys. We know each lock make and model, and we have the tools and machinery to create a replacement key on the spot. No one else can do that for you.

So if you get home, realize you lost or misplaced your keys, and are experiencing a house lockout, you can rest easy knowing someone from Bar’s Locksmith will be there within a few minutes. So long as you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area, we are ready to help.

Even though you can count on our professionals to help during a lockout, it does not mean you want to continue getting locked out of your house. It is much better if you can prevent a house lockout from happening in the first place. That is what we can help you do.

Here are three ways to ensure you never get locked out again.

  • Give Spare Keys to Neighbors
  • Lock Your House From the Outside
  • Learn How to Remove the Door Knob

Give Spare Keys to Neighbors

You may have seen a movie or television show where the main character decides to leave a spare key under the doormat. While it is a quaint notion that you could do so without any consequences, leaving a spare key near your front door is a recipe for disaster. It means anyone who tries to get into your house would do so with your own key.

The much better strategy to avoiding a house lockout is to leave a spare key with a neighbor you trust. It should be someone you know very well – and someone who will be home most of the time. Should you ever lose your key, you take a quick walk to your neighbor’s house, pick up your spare key, and get into your home.

If you need a spare key made in Pittsburgh PA, you can count on Bar’s Locksmith Wilkinburg to do the job perfectly. Spare house keys are easy to make and do not cost that much either. It is a very affordable process, and it will provide you with peace of mind that your neighbor can help you during a lockout event.

Lock Your House From the Outside

Another mistake that leads to a house lockout is locking your door from the inside. People think they are being clever leaving their keys in their pocket and locking the door on the inside, as it is locked when they shut it to leave.

The problem is that out of 100 times, you may have your key with you 99 times. But the one time you leave your key on the nightstand or beside the front door, you are in trouble. Now you are experiencing a house lockout, as you have no way of getting inside.

While you can call a locksmith to help with this house lockout, it is better to avoid the circumstance. Make sure you are always locking your front door from the outside. So in that one out of 100 situation where you forgot your key, you can easily walk back to your bedroom, grab the key, lock your door, and be on your way.

Learn How to Remove the Door Knob

So long as the deadbolt on your door does not lock, you should be able to remove the doorknob and get into your house. While we do not recommend you try this in an emergency, it is a viable method to get back into your house. We suggest that you try it out during an off day, so you know how the process works.

You will need a few tools and you can likely find a tutorial online. It is also possible to ask a locksmith to show you how they would remove the door knob, and then you can copy that method when you are experiencing a house lockout.

There is nothing fun or amusing about a house lockout, but a call to the best locksmith in Pittsburgh will ensure you are back inside your home swiftly and with minimal disruption to your routine.

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