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Home Locksmith – Your Trusted Lock Expert

Bar’s Locksmith is a trusted Pittsburgh, PA home locksmith provider. We work hard to keep you safe, offering top-quality lock services. If the locks in your home cause concern, whether due to their stability or even a lack of a lock, call us for help.

Locks not only prevent burglary and unauthorized entry, but they also keep you safe when you are not home. Quality locks give us peace of mind and confidence in our safety as well.
You should never worry about the safety of your locks. We are here to help ensure lock woes do not keep you up at night.

Strong, durable locks are the foundation of a safe home. You deserve nothing less and we are here to ensure that your locks exceed standards in safety.
We do a little of this and a little of that. At the end of the day, you need not look elsewhere for lock service.

Our List Of Services Includes:

Lock Installation

Whether you have just built your dream home or have bought a new-to-you home, lock installation is one of the first services you should consider. Locks improve safety and your level of comfort. We offer a variety of locks suitable to all doors and budgets.

Lockout Service

It may seem strange that you would lock your keys in the house or otherwise lose them, especially without a second set available. Yet, this issue happens daily and leaves people frustrated, worried, and wondering who to call for help.

Our home locksmith lockout service ensures you get back inside the home quickly even without access to the key. We provide safe, damage-free lockout service throughout Pittsburgh, PA.

Rekey Service

Rekey service changes the cylinders inside a lock so current keys no longer operate the door. This service is a great alternative to lock replacement at a much more affordable price. We offer rekey service at Bar’s Locksmith.

Broken Key Extraction

Keys are designed to work for a long time, but problems may damage the key and cause them to break. When the key breaks off inside the lock, it becomes a big concern.

Keys may also break when they near the end of their life cycle. After a few years, expect the key to show signs of wear and tear.

We offer broken key extraction service. Whenever the key snaps off and is stuck in the lock, our locksmiths quickly pull it out. We can even make a new key if you need one.

This list includes some of the most common home locksmith services, but certainly not all potential problems.

At Bar’s Locksmith, our home locksmith aims to keep families and homes safe and secure day and night no matter the cause of concern. We come to your home to service the lock need and keep you safe.

Many problems decrease safety around the home. Many of those issues involve locks. How can we make it right?

Do Not Call 9-1-1; We Offer Emergency Home Locksmith Service

Did you lock the keys in the house? Has a key broken off in the lock? These problems are a few of the many emergency situations that you may encounter at odd times.

Do not allow these problems to affect your door more than they have already. Locksmiths offer expert service that resolves these problems no matter what the time on the clock. Just ask for emergency service and an expert will be on the way to you in no time.

A locksmith comes to your home with a fast response time when you call us for emergency service. Day or night, we come to your location when you need us the most.

Not the Average Locksmith Company

We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment when completing your home locksmith needs. It is these items that keep you safe and services efficient.

We offer emergency expert service with a fast response time. And, with a versatile list of services, there is no reason to call any other expert for help.

Our locksmith company prides itself on offering efficient repairs at a great cost. You need a professional who puts your needs first. Now you have found that professional.

Home Locksmith Costs

We offer some of the most affordable rates in Pittsburgh, although prices vary from one service to the next. We stand behind our work and ensure service is done right the first time around. Request a free quote to learn the exact costs of your home expert services from Bar’s Locksmith company.

We are always here to help when you need a home expert. Do not sit around with stress, worry, and fear when our experts respond to your needs. We understand locks and deliver exceptional services tailored to your needs.

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