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As a business professional, you want to know that they have the resources they need to feel comfortable. And a commercial locksmith Pittsburgh can help to make that a reality. If you’re seeking out an honest and reliable locksmith with years of experience in business experience that is ready to help you, look no further. Our dependable team members know and understand what business owners need in relation to security. We always have our fully loaded van at every job, and if you call for an emergency, we have a fast response. We’re here, we’re dependable, and we’re ready to give you a hand.


We Provide Commercial Locksmith Services in Pittsburgh, PA!

If your business is in the Pittsburgh, PA area, then our commercial locksmith services are meant for you. We work with any type of commercial door locks – new or old – and can make repairs and changes as needed. We can work with your team to put together plans for commercial lockouts so that everything stays safe, and we can answer the questions you have about your security. We can also help you to design an interior security lock system that works for your business’s purposes. Contact us, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to make the process as simple as we can.

How Does Our Pittsburgh Locksmith Deal with Commercial Lockouts?

Our locksmith Pittsburgh can take some time to talk with you about your ideas related to a building lockout situation. Everyone has different ideas, and we want to hear yours. Your business security is our utmost priority, so we’ll work out a plan for commercial lockouts that keeps you, your employees, and your assets as safe as possible. Our Pittsburgh locksmith can help you to sort out the details around procedures, who has permission to get assistance, and how you would like us to handle it. That way, you’re in control, you have a plan in place, and your business is kept as secure as possible.

Do You Need New Commercial Door Locks?

As your commercial locksmith Pittsburgh, we make it our priority to keep up with the latest technology in regard to business locks and keys. There are always new commercial door locks coming out in the market, and we do our best to have a full understanding of them so that we can talk to you about them. We can help you to check out your current setup and provide you with the resources you need to make good decisions. Our locksmith can also copy building keys after rekeying or updating the locks that you are using for business security.

Interior Security Lock Systems

Our locksmith commercial can also look at your current security lock setup and help you to figure out what you may want to change or adjust. We’ll explore your options for security lock systems and help you to determine what’s going to be most effective – and affordable – for your business purposes.

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Commercial FAQ

When it comes to the security industry, it is safe to say that you get what you pay for. If a high security lock costs a lot of money it is usually due to the metal content – the type of metal used, and the amount of metal used – and the complexity of the lock’s core. Certain locks may be higher because of the brand name associated with it, while other locks may have one high security aspect, but will use lower quality lock cylinders to offset the cost of material. It is important to look at the lock’s spec to determine what you are paying for or let a professional locksmith take a look.
High security locks create a safe environment for your tenants and peace of mind for your property manager, but they also have a lot of advantages to offer. If your apartment building has lots of families with small children, high security locks can help you control access to certain areas. This can help reduce accidents and injury. If your building is inhabited by many young professionals, you can create a secured parking area for bicycles. High security locks lessen the chance of forced entry, but as you can see, they also allow for creativity in how they are used. 
All locks can be picked, but high security locks make the task so much more difficult that a potential burglar will find that it is not worth the effort. When a thief notices that a lock is nearly impossible to break into quickly, the only other options – break a window or bash a door – are usually too risky to attempt. The extra time and the extra noise, not to mention evidence of a break in, puts the thief at a greater risk of being seen and caught. High security locks can be broken, but it takes much longer and demands a higher level of skill, when most thieves are looking for an easy target. 
If you are thinking about changing the locks you have because you need a higher level of security for your property, high security locks could be the answer. You will want to be aware of a few things before making the change. The high security locks will have to fit your existing doors because, for example, a door fitted for a mortise lock needs different prep than one with a euro cylinder. Doorknobs with keys are the wrong locks if you want high security; high security locks are deadbolts. Talk to a locksmith to learn what you should focus on because there is no best high security lock.
There are a few factors that should be considered when deciding on the security system that best fits your business needs. The first thing you want is a security system that is easy to use, especially when disarming or arming the system (the same is true if you want the additional monitoring service). The next thing you will want to think about whether you want a closed, standalone system or one that is wireless and can be accessed remotely. Standalone systems are more secure but harder to install if not built at the same time as the building. Wireless systems can be more easily installed in any facility. A locksmith can help you decide on what is right. 
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