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Commercial Front Door Locks: That Should Be Secure!

Commercial businesses often have different lock needs than residential properties. Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, or another business type, you probably need locks that are secure and can be accessed easily by specific individuals. Commercial door locks are very important to keep your business safe. They can prevent unauthorized access, theft, and illegal entry into your premises.

These locks are designed to protect the assets and property of the organization from threats such as fire and vandalism. If you want to keep your business safe and secure, contact us today at Bar’s Locksmith for commercial front door locks installation. We can provide you with top-quality commercial front door locks at affordable prices. All our services are handled by professionals so you can trust us to do a good job.

Why are Commercial Locks Different?

Different types of commercial locks are needed because commercial property owners (or tenants) want to control who has access to their buildings and what parts of those buildings they can enter. Commercial owners and tenants also want to limit the amount of damage that could be caused by an intruder. If you’re in need of commercial locks or any other business or residential locksmith services, contact Bar’s Locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA. Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA, offers quality locksmith services for all your commercial and residential locksmith needs.

Commercial Front Door Lock: You Can Choose From A Variety Of Locks!

Keyed Entry Locks:

To provide increased security at the front door, keyed entry locks have one or more locks on the inside of the door that are opened with a key. If you need a keyed entry lock for the front door of your commercial property, you’ll likely want a mortise lock. Since mortise locks are installed into the door, they are better at preventing forced entry.

Keyed entry locks can be equipped with single or multiple deadbolts. The number of deadbolts you choose will depend on the level of security you want at the door. One deadbolt is good for residential use, but for more commercial settings, multiple deadbolts are preferred. Keyed entry locks are usually operated with keys, although some are installed with keypads as well. Most keyed entry locks have cylinder locks.

Card Access Locks:

Card access locks are operated by swiping a card when someone enters or leaves the building. This type of lock is ideal for businesses that regularly have employees entering and leaving the building or that have contractors or clients visiting the office. Card access locks can also be used at the building’s entrance to let certain employees or people access the building without a key.
Card access locks will require a system with an access panel to control who has access to the building and to certain rooms or floors. You’ll need to select a system with an access panel that allows you to create separate, individualized access settings. Card access locks are generally ideal for businesses with multiple employees who will regularly enter and exit the building, such as doctors’ offices, law firms, and architects who do on-site consulting.

Automated Door Locks:

When combined with an alarm system, automated door locks let you control who and when certain doors unlock and lock. This type of lock is ideal for large buildings where it’s necessary to let several people in and out throughout the day.

Automated door locks are generally installed on the inside of the door and can be operated by a single key or a remote. These types of commercial front door locks generally come in two categories: electromechanical and electric.

Electromechanical Locks:

Operate at lower voltage and are often used at commercial and industrial facilities.

Electric Locks:

Operate at higher voltage, but they can also be controlled by a computer system.

Commercial Front Door Locks: When it Needs To Be Repaired?

No matter commercial front doors are the most commonly used entrance in commercial establishments. Commercial front door locks are usually made of metal and are designed to withstand frequent use. All commercial front doors locks are also an important security feature. They allow customers to enter and exit the building safely. If a door lock is damaged or broken, it can cause significant disruption to business operations. This is why it is important to have commercial door locks repaired as soon as possible.

Commercial door locks can be broken for a variety of reasons, including faulty installation, weather damage, and vandalism. If you need help with any of these issues, there are many professionals at Bar’s Locksmith who can help. One of the best options is to call us for commercial front door locks repair services. We can repair all types of commercial front door locks quickly and efficiently. So that you don’t have to worry about access control issues.

Call Us To Select The Best Lock!

With the above commercial door lock types in mind, you can better understand which commercial front door locks are ideal for your specific needs. If you’re not able to decide which commercial front door locks suit you best, call us at Bar’s Locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA. We have extensive experience and knowledge about commercial locks. Don’t hesitate and don’t waste your time. Just call us right now!

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